Utilities (Nuclear, Solar, Coal)

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners Help Utilities and Power Plants Keep the Lights On

Compressors, engines, turbines, valves, rings, sensors, actuators and any components used to produce natural gas, gasoline or nuclear power require extensive maintenance to remove heavy deposits of greases, oils and dirts. Ultrasonic washers provide utility maintenance staffs with a technologically superior tool that removes these heavy contaminants from external and more importantly internal thread, cavities, tubes and blind holes to extend their production life between maintenance cycles.

The large compressors that utility companies use to move natural gas through pipelines and into storage need extensive maintenance. Both the compressors themselves and the engines that drive them require regular cleaning of parts such as valves, rings, sensors and actuators. Unwanted deposits have to be dissolved, grease and grime have to be cleaned off and contaminants have to be removed.


Get high quality, consistent results that save you money.

  • Significantly decreases labor time required for most maintenance and repair jobs
  • Eliminates hand scrubbing
  • No employee training required
  • Uses only safe, chemical-free solutions
  • Eliminates the need for toxic waste removal or other expensive services