TD Desktop Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Generator

Product Overview

The TD series dual-frequency generator is an ultrasonic generator that has been developed by Zhenlang Company for more than ten years and is positioned in the field of high-end industrial cleaning. This generator is developed with the latest technology and is the first product with a full-bridge phase shift, constant power output, automatic frequency chasing, and automatic impedance change. It can further improve the adaptability of the generator for different working conditions. stability.

The generator frequency: 28/68 Khz, 40/80 Khz, 40/130 Khz, 80/130Khz, power up to 1500W, can be connected separately to the cleaning sink or to a large cleaning system, either way, Provides fast, uniform and high-quality cleaning results

Performance Features

  • Adopt IGBT full-bridge phase shifting technology to support 10~100% stepless power adjustment;
  • Dual frequency switching, different cleaning frequencies for different customers;
  • Automatic constant power output according to load changes;
  • Automatic frequency chasing and impedance change technology to ensure that the generator works at the optimal frequency point;
  • Using 2 times peak power technology, it has better cleaning effect on stubborn stains and semi-aqueous solvents;
  • The frequency scanning function can effectively eliminate standing waves and improve the ultrasonic distribution of the cleaning tank;
  • Conversion efficiency is over 95%;
  • LCD LCD local display, support parameter setting and status monitoring;

Model Specifications

Model Frequency Nominal power vibrator Power supply voltage External interface
TD-0628/68 28/68KHZ 600W B 110/220VAC IO/485
TD-1028/68 28/68KHZ 1000W B 110/220VAC IO/485
TD-1228/68 28/68KHZ 1200W B 220VAC IO/485
TD-1528/68 28/68KHZ 1500W B 220VAC IO/485
TD-1828/68 28/68KHZ 1800W B 220VAC IO/485
TD-0640/80 40/80KHZ 600W G 110/220VAC IO/485
TD-1040/80 40/80KHZ 1000W G 110/220VAC IO/485
TD-1240/80 40/80KHZ 1200W G 220VAC IO/485
TD-1540/80 40/80KHZ 1500W G 220VAC IO/485
TD-1840/80 40/80KHZ 1800W G 220VAC IO/485
TD-0640/130 40/130KHZ 600W H 220VAC IO/485
TD-1040/130 40/130KHZ 1000W H 220VAC IO/485
TD-1240/130 40/130KHZ 1200W H 220VAC IO/485
TD-1540/130 40/130KHZ 1500W H 220VAC IO/485
TD-0680/130 80/130KHZ 600W P 110/220VAC IO/485
TD-1080/130 80/130KHZ 1000W P 220VAC IO/485
TD-1280/130 80/130KHZ 1200W P 220VAC IO/485
TD-1580/130 80/130KHZ 1500W P 220VAC IO/485

Application Case


Cleaning the workpiece: Apple iphone5-iPhone X mobile phone parts, MAC notebook computer parts (Shanglang company is the designated supplier of ultrasonic cleaning of Foxconn Apple products);

Products offered: Cabinet ultrasonic generator + ultrasonic vibration box

Application: mobile phone glass cleaning line, anodizing line, stainless steel parts cleaning line, etc.;