Optical & Glass

Mainly used in glass lens, resin lens, microscope, telescope, camera lens, coated glass, prism, lens and other optical products before and after coating and cleaning before assembly;

in the optoelectronic industry, mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, The liquid crystal is cleaned after the liquid crystal film is packaged. Cleaning the workpiece:

Optical glass such as projectors, rear projection TVs, digital cameras, and automotive rearview mirrors.


Application of ultrasonic cleaner on Optical & Glass

Technical Parameters:

1. The ultrasonic wave adopts a generator with an efficiency of up to 95%, and the power is adjustable from 10 to 100%;

2. Adopt high frequency ultrasonic frequency such as 40KHZ, 68KHZ and 132KHZ;

3, the unique slow-drawing dehydration, circulating hot air drying method, replacing the traditional solvent dehydration, that is, safe and environmentally friendly;

4, with a filter circulation system;

5, multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure the cleaning effect;

Optical ultrasonic cleaner main features:

1. It is cleaned, rinsed and dried with alkaline, neutral water-based cleaning agent, DI water, IPA and other cleaning solutions.

2. With filtration cycle and refrigeration system, it can effectively prevent IPA from volatilizing and reduce cost. 3. Each tank cleaning is provided with an up and down throwing system, and the cleaning effect is more uniform.

4. It adopts the high-sensitivity fireproof and anti-riot system, which is safer and more reliable.

5. It has overload protection such as freezing, filtering and throwing to ensure the safe operation of the whole machine.

6. Ultrasonic uses an input vibrating plate device for easy maintenance and replacement.

7. Stainless steel materials, parts and components are all high-quality imported parts.

8. Customized high-performance cleaning equipment according to customer’s cleaning requirements

Pollution sources and ultrasonic solutions on optical glass :

Pollution source 1: grinding powder, real paint, asphalt, lubricant, polishing agent, graphite, dust;

Pollution source 2: dust, salt and hand dirt;

Use detergent 1: organic detergent, alcohols (acetone, etc.);

Use detergent 2: alkaline detergent, acid detergent, neutral detergent, pure water;


Ultrasonic Neutral Solution Rough Wash—->Ultrasonic Neutral Solution Fine Wash—->Ultrasonic City Water Rinsing—->IPA Dipping—->IPA Dipping—->Ultrasonic IPA Cleaning —->IPA Rinsing—->Steam Bath—->Freeze-drying


Each tank is equipped with a cleaning process throwing mechanism, the solvent tank is equipped with a steam source, a timer, a stepless speed regulating device or a pneumatic lifting device.