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Military Bases Across the Globe Depend on Ultrasonic Cleaners to Keep Everyone Safe

The United States Military is a massive complex requiring the widest range of industrial cleaning requirements imaginable. Because of their far reaching needs, ultrasonic cleaners are used throughout the military to keep this enterprise moving in a forward direction.

Government agencies are getting tough jobs done fast with ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Government and military organizations with facilities all over the world have to face most of the same cleaning challenges. They have to regularly and completely clean sometimes very delicate or specialized machinery, including weapons and aircraft parts, on the government budget. If you’re among the military, the level of essential cleaning could be overwhelming and wish many man-hrs just to maintain. For those who have a military contract, you have to face strict ecological impact standards.

Government organizations are turning to ultrasonic cleaning technology to increase speed and efficiency and decrease the use of harsh chemicals.

Ultrasonic helps you get the job done fast, on deadline and on budget.

  • Superior cleaning for a wide range of materials – from steel, titanium and aluminum components to large hydraulic systems and engines, firearms, ceramics and plastics
  • Units available to meet a wide variety of size, power and budget requirements
  • Increased efficiency of in-house, on-going cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to use and setup
  • No hand scrubbing
  • No outsourcing
  • Only EPA-approved water-based solutions