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Ultrasonic Cleaning Gives Food and Pharmaceutical Producers a Clean Path to Success

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for everything from cleaning impossible-to-reach blind holes in filling valves, vitamin molds, solid dosage tooling, food conveyors to preparing surgical instruments and implants for surgery.

Drug and food information mill impressing inspectors and helping the conclusion with ultrasound cleaning technology.

Using ultrasound technology, one individual can perform the job of three in under 1/three of the time. With regards to the cleaning of parts and equipment accustomed to process or dispense food, supplements and pharmaceuticals, the potential risks are wonderful. Standards are high, inspectors are tough and firms are anticipated to satisfy the strictest needs within an atmosphere which makes it hard to keep costs lower.

Increasingly more information mill finding ultrasound technology enables them to meet and exceed the greatest standards whilst positively affecting the conclusion. Ultrasound cleaning technologies are employed for from cleaning impossible-to-achieve filling valves to preparing surgical instruments and implants before surgery ¡§C all while positively affecting the conclusion.

Ultrasonic cleaner is used by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used in many pharmaceutical companies, especially for the cleaning of vials, oral liquid bottles, ampoules, large infusion bottles, and butyl rubber stoppers and natural rubber. The cleaning aspect of the plug has been approved. For the cleaning of bottles, ultrasonic cleaning technology is used to replace the original brushing machine. It is realized by reverse water injection, ultrasonic cleaning, internal and external washing, air drying, and turning. It is convenient, time-saving and integrated. on board.

Sleep better and worry less while using technology exactly best for you.

We’ve greater than 50 existing ultrasound units to select from, but machines could be customized through the Omegasonics team to satisfy your size, power, use or any other specifications. All of our systems provide the same benefits:

  • Meticulously clean only using mild solutions, citric acidity cleaners and/or water
  • Prevent contamination and recontamination
  • Reduce and sometimes eliminate labor and chemical disposal costs
  • Simple to use and hang up no training needed
  • Reduce worker contact with harmful toxic chemicals