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Firearm Ultrasonic Cleaners Cut Cleaning Times in Half

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely employed by gun shop repair departments, law enforcement agencies, the military and gun clubs for good reason.  Nothing removes lead shavings, powder residue, old lubricants or any contaminants that impact the performance of firearms.

Gun users have cleaner, safer and more accurate firearms thanks to ultrasonic gun cleaning technology.

Law enforcement agencies, security firms, military bases, shooting ranges, gun restorers and gun shops all make firearm cleaning and maintenance a high priority. They know a clean gun is safer and more accurate. This used to require regular, tedious and time-consuming hand cleaning and scrubbing, sometimes resulting in unintentional removal of bluing from carbon steel gun barrels. More and more organizations are looking to ultrasonic technology, and are discovering that an Clangsonic ultrasonic gun cleaner is the safest, easiest, and most effective method of gun cleaning and restoration.

Using ultrasonic technology, cleaning is three times faster and reduces the frequency cleaning is required.

Clangsonics’ ultrasonic gun cleaners quickly and thoroughly clean deep into the barrel and firing mechanism. Lubrication of the firing mechanisms is enhanced. Clangsonics’ gentle, water-based solutions never remove bluing from gun barrels, and its rust protectant reaches even the hardest to reach crevices.

An Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner makes a rust-protected gun easier and faster to achieve

  • Units to meet a wide variety of size, power and space requirements
  • Quickly and effectively clean rust, unburned powder, carbon, lint, oil and dirt from steel and stainless steel gun parts
  • Maintain accuracy, integrity and effectiveness of firearms for longer periods
  • Rust inhibitor ensures hard to reach areas are protected
  • Labor and chemical disposal costs are reduced or eliminated