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Facility Maintenance Departments Embrace Ultrasonic Cleaning for all their Repair Needs

Factory equipment is the heartbeat of worldwide manufacturing, whether dealing with compressors, engines, conveyors, gearing, rollers, or any number of maintenance items that get contaminated through use. Manufacturers can keep their machinery running longer, lasting longer, operating more efficiently and with less downtime with the use of industrial ultrasonic cleaners that provide surgical grade precision to the factory floor.

Working principle: Designed and manufactured according to customer’s workpiece cleaning requirements, the motor drives the transmission to clean one by one station and is often combined with spray, bubbling, wind cutting, drying and rust prevention. Fully automatic production, high cleaning efficiency, consistent cleaning quality, suitable for mass production.

Cleaning process: feeding one spray coarse washing one ultrasonic fine washing one spray rinsing one spray rinsing one hot air drying one rust one unloading (can increase or decrease according to customer requirements)