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Automotive & Racing Clients are Speeding to Ultrasonic Cleaners for Better Performance

Automobile industry has used ultrasonic cleaners for over twenty years to keep their cars competition ready in between races. Whether removing carbon, oil, grease, or dirt from pistons, heads, transmissions or oil coolers, ultrasound penetrates impossible to reach thread and blind holes thant manual cleaning doesn’t effectively handle. Our automotive & racing ultrasonic cleaners keep cars ready for competition.

Ultrasonic Washers Rev Up Engine Rebuilds

Cleaning application of automobile clutch, shock absorber and rear axle fittings

Cleaning Application of Brake System Components and Steering Components

Cleaning Application of Motorcycles and Other Power Vehicles

Application of Automotive Air Conditioning, Piston Components, Fully Automatic Steering Wheel Core, Automotive Gearbox and Other Components

What Can Ultrasound Do for Your Automotive Rebuilds?

  • Removes carbon from pistons and heads
  • Eliminates media after bead blasting
  • Cleans internal air coolers
  • Speeds rebuilds
  • Eliminates solvents in the workplace
  • Saves time, money and labor on rebuilds and maintenance

Products to be cleaned: engine parts (such as cylinder block, cylinder liner, valve body, piston, piston ring, valve, etc.), ignition bolt, brake pump, steering engine, shock absorber, various precision parts, etc.


Pollution sources: oil, lubricants, preservatives, mechanical chips, plastic residues, abrasives, graphite, tar, dust, carbon;


Use detergent: organic detergent; light oil (washing oil, etc.); alkaline detergent, acid detergent, neutral detergent; pure water