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Aerospace and Defense Clients are Taking Ultrasonic Cleaner Technology to New Heights 

Aerospace and defense clients are involved in designing, building and maintaining man made aircraft for travel through earth’s atmosphere as well as spacecraft for flight into outer space. Our ultrasonic cleaners play a significant role in supporting this mission.

industry product parts cleaning application

Aerospace industry aluminum, aluminum alloy light blind plate, aluminum alloy strip parts and other cleaning applications

Aerospace industry general equipment and other applications

Aero-engine accessory hydraulics, aerial radar

Defense industry application

Get exactly what you need.

We have more than 50 existing ultrasonic units to choose from. Units can be customized and retrofit by the Clangsonic team, like the units Eaton Aerospace uses, but an existing model may do just fine. Every unit offers our clients the same benefits.

  • High-quality, precision results with even intricate pieces or uniquely shaped or sized parts
  • Lower labor costs and increased production efficiency
  • Easy to use and setup; no training required
  • Reduces the use of toxic solvents and expensive waste removal services